Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hubby Rides Harley

MAY 21 2017


Woke up at 8AM. Hubby made breakfast for dogs.

I cleaned up cat litter, cleaned up dog water & food. Put the food & water outside.

Hubby took his Harley for a ride.

 Hubby on Harley

He came back and we loaded dogs up for a walk in the park.

Stopped at the dump on the way to the park.

Took them to Gunshooting Road. Bud could only walk a little way until he started limping and breathing too hard. We took him back to the truck and walked farther with the other dogs. We walked in the sun, and it became too hot. We gave the dogs water and walked back to the truck.

Hubby, Bud, Ben, Wilson, Beebo

At home, we unloaded dogs and drove to Spirit Lake for groceries. The parking lot was packed and some stupid woman on a cell phone almost walked in front of our truck when she was exiting the building.

We got groceries, hubby wanted Italian Meatloaf.

Came back home and hubby mowed the lawn, I picked up branches & dog toys in the back yard, and hubby power washed the decks.

I started making the Italian Meatloaf at 6PM, put it in the oven at 7PM and had dinner at 8PM. Hubby made baby red potatoes to go along with the meatloaf.

Cats refused to come in tonight. I picked up Koda cat outside, Zim finally came to the deck and I got him! Hubby got the other 3 inside finally after 10PM.

I went to bed at 9:30. My legs hurt a lot today.

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