Wednesday, May 10, 2017


MAY 10 2017

Finally Spring.

Slightly cold this morning and last night, but better today.

Got up and made egg sandwich & latte for hubby. Also sent him to work with hot dog & oranges.

Hubby helped me give Zim his medicine.

Hubby left for work in the Dodge. He is stopping tonight to pick up his motorcycle.

I gave Bud his painkiller. Did laundry. Did dishes.

Cleaned up kitty litter.

Opened the doors & windows. It was getting warmer by 10:30AM.

Worked on bookwork today.

Took a nap after 3PM.

I picked up the mail. Hubby received insurance info from his Union. I registered it for him online.

Hubby arrived home by 7PM. He rode his Harley.

Put Harley away.

Took dogs down to the park for a walk in the Dually. Saw LOTS and LOTS of ELK crossing the road just east of Athol. They were all over the fields. Very pretty.

Came back after walk. We watched FARGO and went to bed.

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