Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More Disappointment

MAY 30 2017

Got up at 8AM. I had already gotten up at 5AM to potty.

Zim, Rattler, and Wilson were in bed with us already.

Made latte for hubby. He did not want an egg sandwich.

He got the Dodge and hooked up the trailer, then put the riding lawn mower on it.

We decided to take the garbage to the dump. Hubby put on the dead bushes to haul out to the pit.

We took the dogs along with us for a walk later.

Drove up to drop off the Lawn Mower at the repair shop just south of Sagle. Watched some old man jack-knife his trailer and take off in front of on-coming traffic on Hwy 95. Almost got hit. Two other guys were there, exchanging information because they back into each other.

Hubby left and turned towards Sandpoint instead of Round Lake, so we had to turn around. He was busy talking to Larry, Jr about work tonight.

Drove to Round Lake and walked the dogs about 2.4 miles. It was a long, hot trek. Threw Wilson in the water and he paddled around. Bud & Ben walked belly-deep into the water by the dam and drank from it. Then we walked back.

 Bud & Ben drinking water from Round Lake dam

On our drive back home, KR called and was upset. She lost her job again. We went home to change clothes and leave the dogs.

Got the Jeep and drove to see KR at her house. Went out to eat at Crickets, which was disappointing. We did not get food (which I desperately needed because I had not eaten yet!)

Late lunch consisted of drinks, Vodka lemonade for KR, Kahlua & Cream for me, & Bloody Marys for hubby. Then we got the sample platter. Bland, bland food. Yuck.

We walked around the new Hagadone Park grotto. It was gross. Lots of concrete and not much grass. Petted a cute mastiff named Sam whose owner was talking loudly on his cellphone.

Walked back to the Jeep. Drove KR to the Post Falls Brewing House so she could meet Amanda & Kyle.

Hubby and I went to Walmart for more fans at home.

Drove home.

Unloaded groceries. I was in lots of pain. Hubby finally fixed the step on the deck after I had to complain to him again.

Watched the Season Finale of The Americans (which was REALLY boring). 

Went to bed.

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