Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hot Day Sunday


Sun was already up when I woke up at 5:45AM. I opened the doggy door.

Hubby also got up to pee off the deck. When back to bed until 8AM.

We got up and dressed. Drove to Rathdrum via Hwy 41 because we wanted to see what was left of the accident between a Prius and a Semi on Hwy 41 from Friday.

After we parked the dogs in the shade of the building, we went inside to get groceries at Super One. Then we came back outside, unloaded groceries and took the dogs for a walk at the school.

I was wearing sandals and was COVERED in pollen by the time we finished our walk thru the grass. Wilson had green nasty pollen up his nose.


We took the Dodge to the car wash. Filled up gasoline at the station. Almost got hit by an asshole motorcyclist that was cutting thru the station.

Drove back home. Unloaded groceries into the house.

My Lilac is finally blooming.


Hubby finally grilled his pork chops that he had marinating in the fridge for over a week.

Hubby helped pull out the fridge and I cleaned on the sides & top. Lots of dirt & dust. Then I vacuumed behind the refrigerator area. Had to use over a dozen wet washrags to clean all the dirt on the floor under the refrigerator. Gross. Vacuumed up the dust.

Hubby was tired and took a nap.

KR came out at 2PM, she brought food for tomorow and Vodka for the Bloody Marys.

We talked for a while, KR & hubby made Bloody Mary's. We played games at the table until 9PM. KR and Beebo went home at 9PM.

Bloody Mary's

Hubby and I cleaned up then went to bed.

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