Friday, May 26, 2017

More Stress


Last day of work for hubby before Memorial Day week vacation.

Made egg sandwich, latte for hubby. Also made egg ham cups for his snack, gave him a banana to take to work. Also made him a meatloaf sandwich for tonight because he will be going to the shop to work.

Larry decided to quit working. He does not want to work at the shop anymore. Hubby only did the shop in Post Falls so Larry could be there to work it. So all the stuff will have to be moved out and hubby will be dismantling the business.

Hubby went to work.

I did laundry, Did dishes. Cleaned up cat litter.

Gave the dogs some ham pieces, Bud got his painkiller.

It was sunny and warm out today.

Went down to get mail. Only the Water bill was delivered.

Fed Express brought my coffee order from Starbucks and Orchid order for plant pot & plant medium. I repotted the Orchid and gave it a couple ice cubes. Put it out on the deck for some shady light & warmth.

Hubby got home at 8:30PM. He said there was a big wreck on Hwy 41; he was going to Spirit Lake for gasoline, but had to turn around and get gas in Twin Lakes.

He had meatloaf & rice for dinner.

We went to bed at midnight.

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