Tuesday, May 02, 2017


may 2 2017

got up and made breakfast sandwich for hubby. made him a latte.

he left at 6:40. he has classes to learn new stuff at work. i told him it was useless because he is a "short-timer".

i did bookwork, started laundry, did dishes, cleaned cat litter and fed cats. gave ham to dogs, gave pills to bud.

took my own antibiotic pill. leg is still hurting and has inflammation with infection & redness.

i worked on bookkeeping and took a very long nap in the afternoon.

hubby got home at 6PM. he had to meet Gary to pick up boats from storage. hubby said we can get our boat out now!

we watched tv. hubby was very tired and got into his pjammies early.

went to bed at 10PM after hubby fell asleep on the couch.

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