Saturday, April 29, 2017



Last night when we went to bed, Fluffy did not come kiss Ben goodnight.

He was missing when we went to bed and did not come drag his fluffy tail across our faces. I got up and called for him forever. He is missing.

I went to sleep thinking that he will be jumping on our bed in the morning.

Fluffy was still missing in the morning.

I am scared that a coyote, owl, or hawk got him.

I looked out on the highway this morning, but there were no flattened kitty bodies on the road.

The cats followed me into the woods while I was calling for him.

We searched the house completely.

I came back inside, just devastated.

Made latte for hubby. He made eggs for the dogs and fed them.

I went downstairs to clean up the kitty litter and give them more food.

I am overwhelmed with a guilty feeling because I had the flu for the last 2 days and did not want the cats stepping on me. Everything hurt. So I pushed him off me yesterday afternoon when he wanted to cuddle. I feel awful. That is my last memory of him.

Hubby helped me decipher some billing bookwork.

Then he left to go to the shop. So far his birthday sucks.

I wished him happy birthday this morning. KR did not call him yet, so I had to remind her.

I was not able to give him a cupcake or a present.


 The guys at the shop had gotten hubby a birthday cake for him yesterday. 

KR brought over a cupcake for Hubby's birthday

MAY 1 

Took Hubby to Fu-Ki for his belated birthday celebration

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