Monday, April 24, 2017

Rattler to the Vet


Got up and made egg sandwich & ham sandwich for hubby.

Made lattes.

Hubby left for work.

Cleaned up cat litter.

Did laundry.

Did bookwork & taxes for business.

Took Rattler to the vet at 4:15. He got antibiotic in his ears because he has yeast infection from the mites. Then Dr Mike put Revolution flea treatment on his shoulders to take care of the mites.

Dropped off mail at Post Office. Then the rain started. It was a DELUGE.

Drove home.

Picked up the mail. Got my Harley sweatshirt from Walmart that I ordered.

New HOG membership in mail today.

Worked on bookwork and taxes again.

Hubby got home at 8:30. He worked 2 hours OT and then went to Machinist Eric's for about 1 hour.

We watched Trial & Error and Angie Tribeca, then went to bed at 10PM.

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