Friday, April 07, 2017

Another Rainy Day


I got up and made latte & a breakfast egg sandwich for hubby.

He left at 6:30 after dog huggies.

Hubby took my Jeep in to work today so he could get gasoline at Costco and wash the Jeep for his trip to Puyallup this weekend for the Transamerica Vendor Show.

I did cat litter, started laundry & dishes.

I drank my latte.

Vacuumed the house.

Cleaned up Bud's water mess by the dog food several times. Finally put it outside. 

Had to bring the dog food inside when it thundered and lightning suddenly. The cats were scared & raced into the house, nearly making me fall while holding the dog food. It was hailing huge chunks of ice outside.

It hailed again 6 times; for a total of 7 times today.

KR brought 2 Papa Murphy's pizzas for dinner. She brought Beebo out so we can babysit him Saturday while she drives to Montana. She arrived at our house around 5:30PM. Hubby got here a little while after that.

KR in new glasses

We talked and had pizza. It was nice to see our baby again.

KR finally left at 8:45PM. Hubby and I watched an Archer on TV, then went to bed.

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