Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dog Bathes Wednesday & Bookwork Thursday


Got up and made latte & breakfast sandwich for hubby.

He left and I started doing laundry, cleaning Ben's bedding.

Started a load of dishes.

Then loaded Bud & Ben into the Dodge at 8:30 and left. Picked up Beebo in Post Falls at KR's house. Drove to Jitterz in Post Falls to get a couple lattes, I had forgotten to bring water to drink.

Drove Seltice to CDA. They were already working on Seltice, tearing up the road for the $5million dollar renovation. Going east was 2-lane traffic at 25mph.

Dropped dogs off at Apryl's to get their bathes.

I dropped computer storage off at 765-TECH to have Ty fix them.

I drove home.

I could not find my Jeep keys with the house key on them, so had to crawl thru the Doggy door.

At home, did more laundry. Wilson was CRYING the entire time because he missed Ben & Bud.

I vacuumed upstairs in the loft.

At 3:00, I left to go pick up the dogs.

Got there at 3:45 because of slow traffic. People STOPPING and parking at the Roundabouts instead of driving thru!

Paid for dogs and loaded them into the Dodge. Drove to Post Falls and dropped off Beebo.

Drove home with Bud & Ben.

Picked up the mail.

Bud & Ben were happy to be home.

I hurt all day today. Was very, very tired. Did not get any sleep last night because hubby snored all night. I got up at Midnight to pee and then could not get back to sleep. I worked on bookwork instead. Then went to bed at 4AM and got 2 hours sleep.

Hubby came home late tonight after working 2 hours at shop.

We watched Archer & Fargo, then went to bed.

APRIL 27 2017

Got up and made latte & breakfast sandwich for hubby.

He left and I started doing laundry, cleaning Ben's bedding. Still working on washing pillows.

It rained & snowed today.

I worked on bookwork again today.

By this afternoon, I was not feeling good. Had body aches, pains, cold chills. Thought I was coming down with flu.

I sat on the couch, just staring at the TV in the afternoon.

Took a couple hot baths, but nothing helped.

 Hubby got home late at 8:30. He had dinner, we watched TV and went to bed.

APRIL 28, 2017

I woke up feeling awful. Definitely have fever with infection.

Maybe feels like Gastrointestinal infection. 

Again, I took several baths today.

Still have cold chills, fever, achy.

I finally remembered late in the afternoon that we still had some antibiotics, so I took one of those. Finally started to feel better late at night.

Hubby got home late after working at the shop to finish work.

We watched Archer and went to bed.

Fluffy was not around when we went to bed.

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