Thursday, April 06, 2017



Hubby was up and awake by 5AM. I wanted him to come back to bed, but he got dressed instead. I stayed in bed until 6AM. Then got up and made latte & a breakfast egg sandwich for him.

He left at 6:30 after dog huggies. Also hugged Rattler that wandered into the laundry room.

I did cat litter, started laundry & dishes.

I drank my latte.

Napped for a while. Knee was hurting.

It was warmer in the afternoon. I opened the door for a while.

Jack chased the kitties thru the woods. 

Did taxes.

Hubby got home at 5PM, stopped at the shop for a while. Just junk mail in the post.

I had made spaghetti for him. He wanted to go grocery shopping first, instead.

So we drove over to Spirit Lake where the grocery prices are expensive.

We shopped for a while. Then came home. Drove over to see Matt Z's new property.

Put away groceries.

Made dinner.

We went to bed early at 10PM.

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