Tuesday, April 04, 2017


APRIL 4 2017

Got up and made baked eggs for hubby. I turned on all the heat because it was so cold this morning. The sun was shining.

We tried to find the cats that we supposed to go into the Vet.

Hubby put Joey Bishop in the basement bathroom, but got all scratched.

When I went to get Joey, he acted like a tasmanian devil and was moving the box. Koda cat attacked me and scratched my leg trying to get at Joey Bishop.

So Joey escaped while I put Max & Rattler in the cat box.

I drove them to the Vet at 8:00. Got them checked in.

I drove to Little Town Market to get brown sugar for my oatmeal.

Came home and was too tired to do anything. Took a nap.

Vet called to have me pick cats up at 1:30. I vacuumed and then drove down to pick up cats.

Paid for Wilson's yearly county license, got more Tramadol for Bud, and ear mite medicine for all the dogs & cats at home.

Drove cats home. Unloaded them. They are very drugged. Could not walk very well. They slept the rest of the afternoon.

Dogs were barking at a herd of deer that was down by the shop. I put out more apples.

Hubby came home and he had dinner.

We watched more of Trial & Error. It was funny. Hubby fell asleep by 10PM, so we went to bed early.

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