Saturday, April 01, 2017

April Fool's Day Again



Went potty and took aspirin at 5AM.

Got up at 8AM. Slept in late!!!

I warmed up breakfast egg bake for hubby and made him a latte.

We made eggs for dogs and fed tuna to the cats. I cleaned up the cat litter.

We loaded dogs and went for a walk in the park on Gun Shooting Road. It was overcast.

Bud is doing very well with his walking & his new medication.

We came back and hubby forgot that he had to unload parts at Richie Cole's. We drove back down there with the dogs in the Dually. Drove thru Athol so dogs could bark at other dogs.

Dropped parts off. Drove back home.

Hubby dropped me off and went down to the Post Falls shop so that customers could pick up vehicles.

I did taxes, did laundry, did dishes.

Hubby got home. Picked up mail.

I had made him dinner; oriental noodles & vegetables.

Hubby watched his tv shows while I did more taxes. Did some accounting.

We watched Passengers on pay-per-view.

APRIL 2 2017

Ben looks at Zim sitting on Hubby's lap

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