Saturday, April 22, 2017



Hubby made eggs for dogs. I made lattes and fed cats Tuna.

We took dogs in the grey Dodge for walk in the park at 10AM, it was sunny but cold.
Some idiot parked next to us on the trail and was going for a bike ride. Hubby thought he was leaning the bike on our truck!

Came back and dropped dogs off.

Took Jeep to Spokane to see KR compete in Empire Classic Fitness Expo. Tickets were $13 each! OMG.

Parked our Jeep in a really good spot, all automated on the phone, call 1-888 number, pay & then text your license plate number! Wow.

We watched KR & recorded video for her. She Deadlifted 3x. The last one was too heavy for her and she could not pick it up. However, she still got the GOLD in her weight class.


At around 3PM, we were hungry and took her to Rocky Roccco's to have pizza & salad.

Came back and waited around until 5PM when our car parking expired. We left.
Some homeless man was peeing in the bushes next to our car when we came out.

KR finally texted at 6:00PM that she had gotten her award.

We drove home and I collapsed on the couch. I was very tired.


Got up and actually had slept late.

I made eggs for dogs & omelette for hubby and me. Made lattes.

Cleaned up cat litter.

We took dogs for walk in park at 10AM. We walked down by the frisbee area. Hubby realized we did not have a current year pass for the grey Dodge, so we cannot take that truck down there anymore. Will have to take Dually.

Went back home, cleaned up around house.

Took Jeep down to KR's to get her. We drove to Costco and Walmart. Washed the Jeep; it was dirty right afterwards because of the dirt & dust in the air.

Got gasoline at Costco.

Drove KR back to her house. Unloaded her stuff.

We drove home. I was very tired again. Unloaded all our stuff. My feet were hurting very badly.

Watched new show on tv - Mary Kills People.

We both went down and used the Sauna.

Went to bed at 10PM.

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