Saturday, March 26, 2016



Got up at 7:30 with the FitBit vibrating on my arm.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

I got dressed and filled their water bowls. I paid bills online. Then I emailed some info for hubby to Stillen.

Then we loaded the dogs into the Dually and went to pick up hubby a latte. He decided to get off sugar, so he only ordered a latte with honey & cinnamon.

 Wilson & Bud order lattes!

We walked at the far end of the camping end of the park, past the cabins. All the dogs tried to catch the gophers in the park.

Then we gave them water. All of them were really thirsty, even Wilson drank a lot.

Drove home and unloaded dogs.

 Wilson Plays on top of Ben

Hubby went down to the shop to work for a while.

Then we had to run into town.

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