Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Wilson Day 3


Got up at 6AM when hubby did. Dressed and took Wilson out to potty. He finally peed for a very long time and pooped right away.

I walked him around in the circle driveway for about 20 minutes,then we came back inside to warm up and sit with hubby while he watched morning news.

Gave Wilson some eggs for breakfast. He ate them up right away.

 Bud Keeps A Watchful Eye on Wilson

 Wilson Napping

Hubby left at 7AM to go to work.

Gave ham to dogs. Bravo decided that he was going to bark at everything for a solid 30 minutes.

I cleaned house, opened mini blinds, turned on fireplace. Did laundry, took out garbage, started dishwasher & laundry.

Called Rathdrum Physical Therapy to schedule my first therapy tomorrow morning.

KR came over at 11:30. She surprised us at the door. Bravo did not bark when she came down the driveway in her Jeep.

Ben watched Wilson while KR was visiting

We talked for a while, she met Wilson. Then she took Bravo do the Vet at 12:00.

KR came back after the vet and we talked until 2:15. We walked the dogs outside so Wilson could go potty, then some old woman driving a golf cart came by the frontage with her big white dog. KR had to fetch Bravo so he would not run after the dog.

KR then left to go home and put together her BBQ.

I took Wilson out to potty several more times. He was doing pretty good.

Hubby got home at 7:30. We watched TV for a while. Walked Wilson some more, then went to bed.

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