Sunday, March 13, 2016




Got up and dressed.

Hubby made eggs for dogs. I helped him feed the dogs.

KR came over at 10:30. She brought latte for hubby.

Wilson in Easter Basket

Then we loaded dogs into the Dodge and took them to the park. I sat in the back. KR sat in the front. She talked about work at the Gastropub.

Difficult to find a place to walk the dogs. We finally ended up in the camp area nearest the East entrance. People were there in the cabin, so we had to avoid them. We walked quite a while and the little dog kept up quite well.

Bud Walking With Wilson

We came back home and unloaded the dogs.

KR took off for home, we took Bravo with us in the Dually. Hubby had to take the trailer back to CN. We stopped at Rathdrum to return the toilet seat at Ace Hardware and get paint brushes & tray. I purchased cute little blocks of wood with "Love, Family, Home" printed on them for KR's new house.

When we came back out to the Dually, Bravo had chewed up 1/2 pound of beef jerky sticks that hubby had left in the truck. About $40 worth of beef jerky. Hubby was pissed.

Then we drove over to Jitterz and purchased more lattes.

Hubby unloaded the trailer at CN Diesel (they are moving their shop to a new rental on Seltice nearer to CDA).

Drove to KR's, she was getting ready for work and left. Hubby painted the garage. I picked up poo in Bravo's yard. New dog Wilson had an accident on Bravo's dog bed. I washed the dog bed and the stitching came apart. I will have to sew it the next time that I go to visit KR.

When we came home, dogs were sleeping.

Bud & Wilson Sleeping on each other

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