Tuesday, March 29, 2016



Hubby got up and left at 7AM. I slept until 8AM. My FitBit says I only got 6 hours of sleep last night, even tho I went to bed early.

Got up and did exercise.

Took envelope for Hospital down to mailbox.

Picked up dog poo in back yard.

Hubby called and said that the state tax audit was done. We owe money.

I got the CC&Rs from Bella Ridge. We are NOT living there. They only allow 2 pets. Fuck That!

Everything has to go thru the "Architectural Approval Committee". Fuck That!

Saw somebody pull into the shop.

Went down and realized it was the guy picking up his truck and leaving the Dodge. Got the keys & check out of the Dodge.

Got the mail. Just junk.

 Wilson & Buddy Sleep together

Then came back to house. Did laundry & dishes. Put them away.

Did my exercises, did stair climbing. 

Picked up more dog poo.

Flowers Blooming in Back Yard

Wilson played with his plastic sack outside and ran zoomies around with Ben.

Hubby stopped at Costco to help KR with her Costco card and then he helped her tie down a Kayak to her Jeep.

Hubby got home about 7PM. He had dinner, then fell asleep on the couch. We watched Archer re-runs until bed.

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