Saturday, March 12, 2016



Up at 6AM to pee, then back to bed.

Wilson does not have an accident all night.

Got up at 8AM and made breakfast for the dogs & hubby. Eggs for dogs; egg sandwich for hubby.

Then we dressed & got dogs ready for walk. Had to chase Wilson all around the house to catch him. He likes playing "keep away".

 Wilson refuses to eat from the small dog dishes
 Eating with Buddy

Got hubby a latte in Athol on the way.

Then we walked on the Horse side of the park. Quite a big walk for a little dog. He kept near Bud the whole time, his "mentor". Kept watching Bud and taking visual cues from him as to where to walk!

 Walking with Bud
 Wilson Driving the Dodge

 Balancing On Hubby's Leg

On the way home, I had hubby stop at the Groomer's in town so I could make an appointment for Wilson. Lady was very nice and even trains dogs. Specializes in showing Rotties!

Drove home, but had forgotten a card for Mark, so we turned around and drove back to Lil Town to get a card for him.

Hubby dropped me and the dogs off and then went down to the shop.

I paid bills.

Put away laundry & dishes.

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