Monday, March 07, 2016



First day with new dog.

I got up and dressed. Gave ham to dogs.

Hubby was still in bed. I made eggs for dogs.

Hubby came downstairs and got dressed. Then he helped feed dogs.

I gave eggs to WILSON. He ate up all the eggs.

Then I took him outside to potty. He did pretty well on a leash with his new harness. He pooped right away.

 Bud & Ben are Jealous of Wilson

We loaded the dogs up and took them to the park in the Dodge. Hubby said that he needs to fix the brakes in the Excursion.

Stopped in Athol to get a latte for hubby.

Took dogs for a walk. Bud happened to run after another dog walking in the park.We called him back and put his leash on him.

We had to carry Wilson thru the park because he would not walk on a leash.

1st Walk
At Farragut Park

Came home and unloaded dogs.

Hubby and I went into town in the Jeep.

I called Northwoods Vet to schedule a well-puppy check on Wilson for Thursday.

Got a latte at Jitterz on Miles. Made deposit at Panhandle Bank, went to drop off Tax info on NW Blvd., got gasoline at Costco, shopped in Costco. Met Ryan's mom outside Costco to pay her for truck.

Drove to building on Huetter to see if it was still for sale.

Drove around looking for places to build a home. I hated everything down by the river.

Picked up hubby's dually at Tom's shop. Then I drove to Wendy's to get salads & burgers for dogs.

Drove home. Got mail.

I unloaded everything we purchased at Costco.

Hubby pulled in after me. I left to go get my nails done at Deralee's. We did my toes, also.

Hubby brought Wilson down to meet Deralee.

Then he went home. After I was done, I went home.

Wilson still won't pee. I gave him eggs at home. He is hungry, just won't drink water.

We watched TV. Hubby fell asleep on the couch.

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