Thursday, March 03, 2016

Rainy Day


Got up and did laundry & dishes.

Washed the dog bowls because they were totally messy.

Vacuumed the house again.

When I was bending over, I poppped my back out so that started hurting again too.

Went to Dr Olscamp in Post Falls early. I stopped to wash the Jeep and as soon as I was done, it started raining.

Met hubby at Dr's office. He came in with me to the doctor.

PA Ryan gave me a CorticoSteroid shot in my knee for relief of the pain. It hurt when it filled up with 6ml. It did not seem to give any relief at all. It now feels thick and full.

I drove to KR's house and hung out with her while hubby went back to work until 4:30.

KR had some breakfast, took a shower & washed her hair. Beebo was really excited to see me. He gave me kisses and hugs.

Then hubby came at 5PM and we took the new Dually to Pinehurst to drop off Dave 2.0's Excursion seats at an Upholstery shop there.

On the way back, we had reservations at Wolf Lodge. We got there 30 minutes early and sat in the small bar to have drinks. We were finally called back to our table. The meal was slow as they were short-handed. But the steaks & food were not worth the $150 that we spent that night.

Met a blonde skinny dog that lived next door to the restaurant on the way out. Hubby gave him some left-over steak.

Drove to KR's home and dropped her off. She almost peed her pants & we were laughing because she could not get out of the door. It kept locking on her. Child safety locks were broke?

I got my Jeep and drove behind hubby on the way to Tom's shop to drop off the Dually so that Tom can fix the Alternator tomorrow. We drove past the school slowly where a cop was lying in wait to catch speeders.

Dropped hubby's dually off and then I drove home while hubby was a passenger. Driving Miss Daisy!

At home, we turned up the heat. It was cold. Gave steak leftovers to dogs.

Watched tv for a while, and went to bed.

I had a bad night. Endometriosis pain at 1AM. Hubby was snoring all night. Train noise kept waking me up. Could not sleep. Just lay there in bed, very tired. Stressed.

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