Tuesday, March 01, 2016



Up at 7:30 and dresssed. Started to study more muscles for Practicals today in Kines.

Drove to school at 8:30. Saw guy driving in our driveway that hubby had sent over so that he could look at the house to purchase. I told him that I was going to school, he said that he would just look around.

At school, sat in make-up class with Nick & Panda for 1 hour. We left early because the teacher let them go on break early.

Then we went to study in the other classroom.

I took Panda out to my car and gave him the Heated Massage stones that I had purchased for him. He was happy to receive them.

Nick was first for Practicals, then Mark, then Me, then Kate, then Courtney, then Panda. T came in later after because she was at a doctor's appointment. She did not look like she felt good...

I did not get even a passing grade for the Practical, even tho everybody else scored in the 90s. It was depressing.

I felt the lowest ever. My knee hurting is making me so depressed.

We just sat around in class until the teacher let us go at 12:30 because we had skipped breaks.

It was a bad day.

Drove to Wendy's and picked up salads & burgers for the dogs.

Came home. No mail.

Gave the dogs their hamburgers, ate my salad. Did my homework for Ethics class tomorrow.

Hubby came home and stopped at the shop for an hour. Then I walked down to tell him to come home. It was raining. Jack jumped on me when I got in the shop.

I walked back home. Hubby drove up to the house.

We watched TV until bedtime.

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