Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Forgot Monday


Got up and dressed.

Did laundry & dishes.

I was feeling dizzy and did not want to drive to PT. So I re-scheduled the appointment for Friday.

Had to clean up the potty problems from last night that Wilson deposited on the floor.

Then I watched TV for a while.

Ben napping

Thawed the steaks and marinated them in olive oil & Monterey Steak seasoning.

I went to get my nails done at 3:30.

When I came home, Wilson had somehow gotten a starling from outside and ripped it to shreds. At first glance, I thought he had torn up a stuffed toy. That was extremely gross cleaning that up.

Hubby got home at 7:00.

He grilled steaks on the grille.

We watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Boring night.

Went to bed at 9:30PM.

I had to pee at 2AM. My knee started REALLY HURTING. It felt like somebody took a knife, split it in two halves & was pulling on it.

Even though it was hurting so badly, I did not want to wake up hubby and have him get me some ice. I did not want to walk down the stairs again. So I just laid in bed and was in pain, having thoughts of suicide because I was in agony. I started crying. It was horrible.

I finally fell asleep about 2 hours later.


Got up and dressed.

Wilson had pooped in the living room & near the doggy door. So I put it in a baggy to take it with me today at the Vet.

Gave a little bit of ham to dogs for breakfast.

I started doing laundry & dishes.

Then I steam cleaned the floors.

Cleaned up the cabinets.

Cleaned the bathroom.

Wilson had peed inside a couple times so I had to clean that up again.

I paid bills.

KR dumped off her dog at 2:00PM so she could get her nails done.

Took Bud & Wilson into the Vet at 2:30. Wilson got his chip implanted. He tried to turn around and bite at the spot several times. He finally calmed down. He received his shots from Dr. Mike.

 Wilson LOVES selfies
 At the Vet

I left Wilson's poo for an exam.

Then I brought Bud in and he got his vet check-up. He received shots from Dr. Mike.

Bud refuses to pose for his selfie

I paid and left.

Drove home and picked up the mail.

KR came back and launched into a 45 minute rant about her job. Same things as usual. Then she was nasty about me talking to Deralee about her vacation the other weekend. I got upset. KR decided to leave. Even after all the help we have given her, she still has to act nasty to people. WTF is wrong with her? We are the only people that will do anything for her and she will not recognize that.

Some girl from the Vet called and said that Wilson has parasites and we need to come down and pick up medicine for him.

So hubby called at 4:30 and said he was coming home early. He brought Wendy's salads.

We watched TV for the night.

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