Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bird Dog


Got up several times in the night. Only got about 4 hours sleep. Laid in bed from 4AM until 6AM. By 6AM, hubby's alarm rang, so I got up with him.

Warmed up quiche for hubby. Made eggs for dogs. Hubby helped me feed eggs to dogs.

I put Wilson up on the counter to eat his eggs and turned around to put down Bud's eggs, but Wilson had jumped off the counter! Neither of us had even heard him. He is made of RUBBER.

Hubby left at 7AM after watching tv news.

Then I waved goodbye.

Wilson was out in the yard and eating another bird. Yuck.

I did my exercises and walk today. Added squats.

Washed dishes & laundry. Put everything away.

It was warm today. I put dog beds on the deck so dogs could sleep out in the sun. I opened the doors for fresh air.

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