Sunday, January 01, 2017


DECEMBER 31 2016

I got up and had to potty. Turned on the heat. Turned on the humidifier.

Went downstairs to clean up the cat litter and feed tuna to the kittens. We are out of cat food. Need to get some.

Hubby got up and gave me a candle in a bread roll (instead of the customary cupcake).

KR called and sang on the phone to me.

My best friend, Kim called and sang Happy Birthday to me on the phone.

We were eating breakfast and watching Harry Potter and Twilight Zone shows when Mark called hubby and he had to go down to the shop to help him.

I did not see hubby for the next 2 hours.

Dave & Vera stopped by to say Happy New Year. They brought us Chocolate Wine. Talked to them for an hour. Hubby came up to the house and loaded garbage. Hubby smelled like 90wt. Yuck.

Dave & Vera left and then we took off to go to the dump in the loaded Dually. The dump closed early at 3PM, we got there at 3:30. Tried to go by the dump on Ramsey, but it was closed also.

Drove to Rathdrum and got groceries. Forgot cat food. Got a cake for my Bday.

 My Birthday Cake
We came home and unloaded groceries.

Watched more Twilight Zone.

We were tired and went to bed at 9:30PM.

JANUARY 1 2017

Another 4... 5... 6... inches of snow and still coming down. 

Woke up and hubby had already gone to the basement to feed the kitties tuna and clean up their litter. Then he came back upstairs to make breakfast eggs for the dogs.

I got dressed and went outside to clean the back deck off.

Hubby had breakfast. I made hot tea. Then we went on the front deck to clean off the ice berg.

Finally got most of the snow & ice berm off the decks. We decided to go pick up Beebo as KR was going snowboarding on Silver Mountain and staying the night.

I drove into town and it was a white out. Could not even see the vehicles in front of us. They disappeared into the snow storm. It was blowing and cold and the windshield wipers kept icing up.

Stopped at Super One to get groceries first with hubby. Got cat litter & cat food. Got food prep for making crab cakes.

 4 Inches of Snow

Then stopped at Jitterz for drinks. They made hubby's wrong and had to re-do it. They gave us both drinks.

Got to KR's and hubby could not put the charger on her Harley, so he will have to find about it on the internet. I put on the other Green Bay pillow cases, left her Green Bay tool case, and her Swarovski crystal snowflake decoration for 2016.

We took Beebo and he was so excited to get in the Jeep. Hubby drove home. Had to stop in Rathdrum to get the ice off the windshield wipers again.

At home, we had to shovel the decks again. The snow was blowing so hard. We had another 3 inches on the decks. Shoveled the driveway in front of the garage.

Hubby made crab cakes.

Watched Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children dvd.  Watched Twilight Zone.

Went to bed at 10:30PM.

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