Tuesday, January 03, 2017


JAN 3 2017

Got up at 6:30 when hubby left for work to hug him.

Bitterly cold in the house. We need to leave heaters on tonight.

Wilson was in bed with me, but jumped off the bed when I went to go pee.

Gave dogs sausage log pieces, gave Bud his painkiller pill.

Took Tuna down to kittens and cleaned up their litter.

Did laundry & dishes. Vacuumed.

Cold outside.

Paid Hospital bill from

Ordered new "L" marquee sign from Target. The cats had knocked down & the dog had chewed up mine.

I fixed the marquee sign that had been ruined. I was pretty proud of myself.

Typed up invoice for hubby. He deposited check into Credit Union.

Then he called to say that he had to go pick up Mark at Post Falls shop because Mark's truck was broken down. Hubby had it towed to the Post Falls shop.

As hubby was driving my Jeep, he went to get gasoline, then came home. I was not having Mark and his dog ride in my clean Jeep.

Hubby picked up his Dually and drove back to Post Falls. Then he came home to meet guy with truck, but had to go to Treeport instead to pick up a check.

He finally got back home about 9PM.

We had dinner and went to bed after watching Archer.

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