Monday, January 23, 2017



January is almost done. Only one week left!

Got up when hubby woke up. The dogs started barking outside.

We closed the doggy door, but when hubby left he opened it again.

Then I had to get up because dogs were barking. The MOOSE was here again.

Drove to town at 10AM, got gasoline at Costco. Some stupid woman almost ran into me when she was driving across the lot.

I washed the Jeep at the Metro Express. Some car cut in front of me & 2 others!

Finally got to Riverstone. Kim picked up lattes for us.

We toured the Sola Salons, but I was not impressed. It was very expensive and not exclusive. Too many rentals in there already; Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Barbers. Carpet was not clean. The building smelled bad.

Afterwards, Kim and I went to the Well-Read Moose. Like a Walden books with a Espresso stand inside.  

Then we walked over to Azteca Grille for lunch. The table was dirty so we had to move to another table ourselves, the attendant did not bring more water. The food was not well made.

We walked over to Starbucks to get espresso pods for the Verisimo, but they did not have any!

So we walked back to our cars, said our goodbyes, hugged, and then I drove back to the Car Wash again and then home.

People were driving oddly all day. The temperatures were about 37 and more in town, the sun was shining for a while. Things were melting everywhere.

I cleaned up the dog water & food when I got home. All the cats were asleep. I think I may take a nap.

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