Wednesday, January 04, 2017



When we went to bed, hubby was washing his clothes and had to get up at Midnight to put them in the dryer.

We had just fallen to sleep when the hubby's cell started ringing and ringing and ringing. I got up to answer it.

It just seems that Mark uses hubby as fall back. He needs to grow up and be responsible for himself. Every time he has a choice, he chooses wrong.

Mark called at 1AM to tell hubby that he had an accident on Hwy 53. He crashed his car. Wanted a ride home. So hubby got dressed and left. He was back by 2:30. We fell asleep again.

More cold. Down to 5 degrees last night. Only 7 degrees this morning.

Got up at 7:16 after hubby had left.

I fed the dogs and gave Bud his painkiller.

Gave cats tuna and cleaned up their litter.

When I went up to clean up Ben's bed, I found that the cats had torn a hole in the comforter and had down spread everywhere. I vacuumed the upstairs again. Then vacuumed all the rugs downstairs.

I did laundry with Ben's pillowcases. Then I did dishes.

Put more music on my iPhone.

Started to get ready to take Kim to her MBLEX test in Spokane.

Drove to Kim's house in West Spokane. I walked thru her Mom's house. Petted Moby.

We took off in my Jeep to go to the Pearson VUE testing center in Spokane Valley.

I got there and dropped her off. Took her into the bathroom first because she was nervous. Then she went up on the 2nd floor by herself.

Then I drove over to Rite Aid to pick up a congratulations card & balloon for her.

Kim was in testing from 2:45PM until 4:15PM. She came out and was smiling! SHE PASSED!

So I asked her where she wanted to eat. We drove to North Spokane to Mamma Mia's, but they were closed for cleaning. Instead, we went to Tomato Street. It was great. Fresh garlic bread, customer service was excellent. I had the lasagne and it was excellent. We had tiramisu for dessert.

 We Congratulated each other by writing on the paper tablecloth


We left and I drove Kim home. But first she had to stop at Starbucks to get a latte.

I dropped her off at home by 6:30 and drove home.

Hubby was just getting home when I got here. The dogs were overjoyed to see us. I had been gone for 8 hours today.

Freshened up their water & food. Took care of the cat litter.

Hubby had my leftover lasagne & garlic bread for dinner.

Then we went to bed at 10PM. We were both exhausted.

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