Wednesday, January 11, 2017


JAN 11 2017

Hubby left early at 6AM.

Then I got up at 7AM.

Fed the dogs ham, gave Bud his painkiller.

Fed cats tuna and cleaned up their liver.

Did laundry and put away laundry.

Did dishes.

Left home at 11:30 to drive to Rathdrum via Hwy 41. Roads are still snowy and icy. Not very well plowed. Need to stick to main highways.

In Post Falls, Horizon wanted to put a hold on the check. So I drove over to Columbia. They were nice. Older lady verified all the information. Hubby parked in the parking lot to meet me. The teller told me to say "Hi" to hubby! They all know him there!

So I drove over and kissed him.

Then we both left. I had to get to Liberty Lake by 12;45.

Met Kim just as she was driving in to the area. We found the building. Went inside and watched a video about Floating.

Float Spokane in Liberty Lake

Then we Floated. I was freaked out at first because of the dark. My light would not turn off in the Float Tank. My split cut on my right thumb also hurt a lot even tho I put vaseline on it.
In the Rest Area after Floating

Finally we were done. I blow dryed my hair.

Went to lunch at Cork House. Food was cold. It was ok, not great.Waitress kept refusing to refill my water.

Cork House Menu

Then Kim wanted Starbucks, so we went over there. I got more Espresso pods for home.

We sat and talked there for an hour also.

Finally left at 5:15.

I drove home. Most of the business in Liberty Lake were getting off work. Lots of cars & traffic.

Finally got home at 6:15. Hubby was still not home. He was at the shop in Post Falls. He finally got home at 7:30.

He had to fix the dryer vent as the cats had chewed & scratched thru the dryer vent. He used duct tape to fix it.

We went to bed at 9:30PM after watching the Season Premier of Schitt's Creek.

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