Saturday, January 21, 2017


JAN 21 2017

Hubby woke up before I did this morning. He made eggs for the dogs and gave Tuna to the kitties.

I went downstairs and cleaned up the cat litter.

It started snowing right away this morning.

We shoveled the decks again. Then we loaded the dogs up and drove to Spirit Lake. Got latte for hubby at the Espresso stand there. There was some big event happening at the high school, so we parked at the Junior High and walked the dogs around there. It was very icy.

Drove back home. Unloaded dogs.

Hubby had to meet some guy at the shop for parts, then he went to Chad's place to work on the RV with Larry. He came back late.

I worked on the snow berm on the deck some more and finally got the whole thing cleared!!!

Ben sleeps with Kitties

Hubby got home, we had dinner.

Then we each went into the Sauna.

Went to bed around 11PM.

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