Tuesday, January 10, 2017



Got up at 6:30 with hubby. Cats were all over the bed. Ben was sleeping on the floor and Wilson had already gotten down.

I fed the dogs leftover ham & gave Bud his painkiller pill.

Then I caught Zim and put him in the cat carrier. Fed the cats tuna & their cat food, filled the water for them again. Cleaned up their litter.

I put down the dog food and water.

Took Zim into the Vet at 8:00 for his Hernia surgery and Neuter surgery.

I stopped at Lil Town Market to get more apples. Hubby had forgotten to bring in the groceries from last night.They are still sitting in the Dually. There are also auto parts in my Jeep that he forgot to put in his Dually.

I came home. Made egg.

Hubby got home later tonight. Had to shovel the deck.

He held baby Zim because he was so drugged.

I made dinner for hubby.

 Joey Bishop resting on the couch

 Hubby's dinner, Tortellini with Italian sausage

After dinner, Zim tried to climb the Armoire and fell down the stairs. He was ok, tho.

Zim slept in bed with us tonight. He was between my legs all night. He did have some slight drainage on the comforter, but I cleaned it up.

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