Saturday, January 07, 2017


JAN 7 2017

Got up at 8AM. Hubby let me sleep late. I got real good sleep last night. Like an old person, bragging about my sleep! LOL.

Hubby had already fed the kitties their tuna and cleaned up their litter.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

He made French Toast bagel & egg for himself.

Hubby made a phone call to the bank because he had accidentally cut up his credit card. He requested a new one.

 Koda Napping

 Koda, Rattler, & Joey Bishop sleep on counter

I started the laundry.

Hubby shot a bird that was beating on the side of the house.

Hubby worked at the shop all day.

I did more filing.

Hubby brought the forklift down with the pallet of our Sauna at 5PM. Then he went back to the shop. At 6PM, he came home and I helped him carry the boxes into the basement.

At 7PM, hubby had dinner. I had my salad. Hubby accidentally spilled his dinner on the floor.

JAN 8 2017

It was 18 degrees this morning! A HEAT WAVE!

Got up at 8AM! Actually slept in late. Hubby watched his car shows.

He made eggs for dogs. I fed the kitties and cleaned their litter. I made eggs for me. Then I made a latte with the Starbucks Verisimo for hubby.

Then I went outside at 9:30 to shovel the deck and start the Dually.

Hubby came outside to shoot the other stupid bird, but it got away.

He helped shovel the decks with me.

5 More Inches of Snow

Then we loaded up the dogs. Secured the house so the cats would not ruin anything.

We drove to Spirit Lake to get a latte for hubby and a hot tea for me. Athol Espresso stand has been closed all week.

Drove around town. Hubby asked a guy if he wanted to sell his truck. Walked dogs at the school.

Came back home and unloaded dogs.

Opened all the boxes for the Sauna. Put the Sauna together. We got done at 2:30PM. Wrong outlet, need to go into town to pick up a new outlet and re-wire.

Before we drove into town in the Jeep, we had to shovel again. It was snowing.

Got gasoline at Costco, shopped at Costco. Picked up a new vacuum. Hubby went around trying samples; he got some tortellini & cheese that he liked from a sample. Costco no longers sell Charmin, so we have to get Charmin for KR at a different store. We also got a Shrimp Ring. Yum. Got 6 dozen eggs. Picked up some garlic cloves. Don't shop while hungry.

Loaded our stuff into Jeep. Drove to Car Wash & washed Jeep. Stopped at Wendy's on the way to get salads for me.

Hubby decided to bring home the Dodge that had been sitting at Pat The Detailer's for the last few weeks.

He drove the 2WD truck home. I drove home in Jeep. The weather got worse, it turned into an ice storm. 95 was a mess because NO SNOWPLOWS WERE OUT! It appeared that the highway had not been cleared ALL DAY! The road was litterally gone. Could not see where to drive at all. At Brunner, I decided to get off because I had been stopped by a red light and lost track of Hubby. The windshield was icing up in the Jeep. I had to knock off the ice. Drove the back way very slowly.

Finally got home. Hubby had forgotten his cell phone in the Dually on the dash.

We unloaded everything and put it away. I was delirious from not having food since this morning. I ate the salad that we purchased.

Watched TV for a while. Then went to bed early.

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