Thursday, January 19, 2017



Got up at 6AM with hubby.

He drove the Jeep into work. I was barely awake. It was icy, but he still went 70mph.

I dropped him off at work.

Drove back home. It seemed warm out, 37 degrees and just wet on the road. However, a white SUV passed me at Silverwood and hit black ice. I watched it fishtail, then flip 3 times in the air and land on the east side of the road, hitting the Silverwood fence.

Along with 2 gentlemen that stopped to offer assistance, we pulled over and put on our flashes. Cars were still racing past us at speed!

A woman that had been going South towards CDA turned around at the Silverwood exit and came over the overpass to come back and help.

SUV Accident

The guys got the young girl out of the SUV while I called 911. An ambulance responded within minutes from Athol, and then a Sheriff, Fire Engine, and a State Trooper also came to assist.

EMT's checked out the girl, but she refused to go to hospital. The kind woman let her use a cell phone to call her father, and I had hubby call Chad's Tow company to come tow her car.

The guys left and I was left to make a statement about the accident.

Came home afterwards, I was all freaked out for the rest of the day.

Hubby came home late.

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