Friday, January 20, 2017


JAN 20 2017

Our driveway is an ice rink. There is slush, ice, and water in the garage. Messy.

45 Degrees when I drove into town. By the time I left CDA, it was up to 47 and the sun was shining. Lots of ice everywhere in the shaded areas.
45 Degrees in CDA

Went to get my nails done at Noon. Got out of there at 2:50PM. Did my toes & nails.

Tracey gave me a little bag of gift stuff. That was nice.

Then I went to get my fingerprints done at the Kootenai Sheriff's Office, but the guy behind the window said they only do them on Tues, Wed & Thurs.

So I drove home. Drove past the accident. My heart started racing. Scary.

When I got home, I had salad, gave turkey to the dogs. Cleaned up the cat litter. Worked on breaking up the ice berg on the deck.

 Fluffy, Rattler, Zim, Max

Watched TV for a while, everything hurts. Completely exhausted.

We were supposed to meet Dave & Vera tonight at the Growler Guys, but hubby had to work late.

I worked on breaking up the snow berm on the deck.

When hubby finally got home from working at the shop in Post Falls, we took turns going into the Sauna.

Went to bed late.

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