Monday, January 02, 2017


JANUARY 2 2017

No work day for hubby. This is a vacay day.

We got up at 7:15. Actually slept late.

Hubby was still stuffed up from his bronchitis. Won't go see the doctor, won't take anything for it.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I fed cats tuna & cleaned up their room. One of the cats had peed on the bathroom tile.

I made egg breakfast for me. Hubby watched his car shows.

As we were getting dressed to leave and take the garbage to the dump, the tv pulled out of the wall. Probably from the heavy (not) cats walking on  it, hubby said!

Hubby washed his hair.

We were both wearing our UnderArmor because the temp was 16 degrees.

Hubby is trying to drink more water this year.

Loaded all the dogs into the Dually that was packed in the bag with 3 weeks of garbage. Drove to the dump. Unloaded everything. Then drove to the Park where they had not plowed. We put the Dually into 4WD and drove thru it all. Walked dogs, it was cold. We were concerned with their comfort levels because it was cold snow, cold day, wind blowing. We walked a little way and turned around.

Hubby split open his cut again

Drove back to town. Hubby picked up a latte. Saw a semi that tried to turn around down by the elementary school that had gotten stuck in the snowbank.

We drove around town trying to find dogs to bark at, but there were none. Everybody was inside on this cold day.

Drove back home.

Hubby unloaded my Xmas gift file cabinet downstairs, he fixed the tv that the cats had pulled out from the wall.

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