Wednesday, November 30, 2016

At Home Studying


Got up and gave dogs ham, along with Bud's painkiller. I need to call the Vet and get him more.

Went downstairs to clean up the kitties and let them out in the big room for the day. They really like coming out and sleeping/playing on the carpet.

The internet was actually working today.

Wilson barked at some truck down by the shop, so I drove down there. It was Ray trying to fix the box for Internet. I told him it was already working.

I paid bills today. Ordered lots of Xmas presents.

Studied for Mblex.

Made crappy store bought dough cookies and put M&M's on them. Had to throw them away because they came out of the oven all crusty, crumbly and over-done. Yuck.

Hubby got home late.

We went downstairs to play with the kitties and SOMEBODY had pooped in the corner. Had to clean it up. Yuck.

Went to bed at 12:00 after watching two shows of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

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