Monday, November 21, 2016



 Dogs Going for Walk
 Nap After Walk
Made Quiche



Up at 6AM after hubby left for work.

Warmed up a quiche for myself.

Started laundry & dishes. Put away laundry. Put away dishes.

Fed dogs. Ben threw up and I had to clean that up.

Cleaned up the kittens, let them play in the big room. Gave them tuna. Let Koda cat outside for a little while.

I drove into CDA to get my hair done with Rachelle at 10AM.  She gave me a completely NEW color that I totally LOVE.

Finally got done at 2PM. Drove to Wendy's and picked up burgers for dogs; Salads for me.

Drove to Walgreens and purchased up a new hairbrush.

Drove home. Got mail. Just junk.

Gave burgers to dogs.

Put away laundry. Put away dishes.

Worked on taxes.

Hubby came home about 5PM after working OT.

He had wanted to go down to Post Falls tonight to take parts there, but he was frustrated. He had loaned out the Forklift and it had been returned with no gasoline in it. Trying to do a favor and people take advantage. Assholes. So he had to fill the tank and use it to put parts on the trailer. After taking up too much time, he decided to stay home tonight and go to Post Falls in the morning.

Cleaned up the kitties and let them play in the big room around 8PM.

We watched People of Earth and went to bed at 9:30PM.

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