Friday, November 18, 2016

Internet Down


The internet has been down a lot this week, so it has been difficult to blog.



Went to Sandpoint with hubby to pick up parts. Then we stopped at Jalapeno's to eat dinner. Some magician was over talking with a mother and her noisy kids at a different table. There were not a lot of people at the restaurant.


Then we drove home.


Got up and fed the dogs; cleaned up and fed the cats.

At 8:00, I left to go meet Kim at Panera Bread in Spokane Valley. I had to get gas at Stateline first.
It was very cold outside, but the sun was partly shining.

Met Kim at 9:30. We got a table by the fireplace. Studied for over 2 hours. I purchased Souffles for us. Kim went up later and got a coffee. She had her dog, Toby in the car the entire time.

We left and shopped at HomeGoods. I purchased a dog toy and a coat for her dog for Xmas. Then we stopped at Krispy Kreme to get donuts because I thought hubby could take them to work tomorrow to celebrate being "#1" at work.

Went back to Kim's car at Panera and walked her dog. Then I gave her the inflatable Polar Bear that I had purchased from Walmart for her.


Got up, fed the dogs, cleaned up cats & fed them tuna.

Internet only up for a little while. I paid bills.

I washed my hair. Drove to Hayden to get nails done. Tracey put turkeys on my nails.

Turkey on Nails

Drove to get the Jeep washed. Dropped Krispy Kreme's off at hubby's work. Put them in the back of his truck.

Went home.

Hubby got home at 4:45. He changed clothes. We cleaned up kitty litter.

Drove to KR's to pick her up. She was walking Beebo when we pulled in to get her. Drove to Harley Davidson. There were hundreds of people there. We decided not to go inside. KR made reservations at Fu-Kì for 7:30. We had an hour to waste so went to Post Falls distillery. Liquor was highly alcoholized!

Dinner at Fu-Ki with Chris, the Chef

Then went to the restaurant. Had to wait 20 additional minutes for table. Sat with some really weird college age-heavy make up girls wearing thigh high boots. Very odd.

Had a great dinner. Food was delicious.

Drove KR home. We went home. Watched tv. Hubby fell asleep on the couch. Went to bed.

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