Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Internet STILL down


Hubby left at 5:30, he had to deliver parts on the trailer to the Post Falls store. I went back to sleep.

Got up at 7AM.

Gave ham to the dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller pill.

Cleaned up the kittens in the basement. Gave them Spam & the last can of Tuna.

I started working on the taxes.

I took a Tramadol for my knee pain.

Walked down to the mailbox at Noon to get the mail.

Came back to the house and hubby had texted me that somebody had left a check, so I walked down to the shop again to get it. Bud walked with me.

I vacuumed the house; did laundry, did dishes.

Some little dog had peed on Ben's comforter, so I had to wash that.

Ordered some stuff from American Eagle.

Soaked my feet in water. The dead skin was coming off after putting on the Peeling Mask.

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