Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Internet Still Down. Dentist. No WoW.


Hubby home. He could not sleep late. We were both awake early.

He made eggs for the dogs. We went downstairs to clean up the kitties and play with them.


Got a latte at Jitterz in Post Falls.

Dentist at 1PM. I got there at 12:50 and nobody was back from lunch. Lucy, the companion dog was there walking around. She is cute.

Washed the Jeep in CDA. Dropped off the computer at Ty's to repair.

Drove home.



Got up with hubby this morning. Hugged him goodbye with the dogs.

I started to get ready for my WoW today at AiCM, but when I took off my shirt, I discovered Ringworm on my back! So I had hubby come back from the shop and look at it. He put a band-aid on it.

I called AiCM at 9AM and talked to Christine, cancelled my appointment.

Texted Kim and told her I would meet her after her WoW treatment.

We walked Moby so he could potty.

We went to Fu-Ki to eat. It was fun. Kim & I were sitting at a table with a birthday party. Kim recognized the older woman as somebody she had trained with at Taco Bell.

Lunch At Fu-Ki

Then we drove back to Starbucks and Kim bought me a latte. We sat & studied for a while. Jeanie from the Highlands Spa was right behind us in line. We talked to her. Asked her about the remodel at the highlands.

We went back to the school and walked Moby again. Then I left. Went down to Jack-In-The-Box to potty.

I drove to CDA and washed Jeep again. Picked up computer.

Drove home.

Weird clouds on the way home.

Weird Clouds

Hubby came home late after stopping at Eric, the machinist's home. He finally got home at 8PM and we drove over to Miller's grocery to get dinner rolls. We drove thru Spirit Lake to see the pretty Xmas lights.

Came home. Ate turkey. Hubby de-boned the turkey for the dogs.

I went to bed at 10:30.

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