Tuesday, November 08, 2016



Got up at 6AM with hubby. He was coughing all night. Told him to take Cold Calm.

I got up and fed the puppies. Went downstairs and took care of cleaning the bathroom for the kittens, changing litter, and feeding them.

Momma Kat Koda stayed outside for over 2 hours. I kept calling for her. She finally came back home and was on the outside back deck when I dumped some garbage. I opened the door; Ben did not see her, then he barked loudly because she scared him.

I took her downstairs and put her in the kitty room.

Did dishes.


Cleaned the floor.

Worked on catching up Blog.

KR called and purchased the new washer at Lowes for us. Hubby will pick it up tomorrow night.

LG Front Load Washing Machine 4.5 Foot Capacity with Steam Twin Wash Compatible

The cats knocked down their tower. It made a loud crash. I had to go downstairs and clean up all the mess. They knocked over the water; soaked that up with towels.

Texted Kim all day long.

Hubby came home at 5:30. We went over to vote at Timberlake Senior High School. Ran into KR's old teacher, Mrs.Steele, from 4th grade.

We had to wait over 1 hour in line to vote. The volunteers were VERY slow.

I had left my Drivers License ID at the voting booth. Hubby brought it out for me.

Then we came home. Hubby had dinner. He had been getting hypoglycemic at the Voting Polls.

We watched a couple shows on TV, then went to bed at 10:30 after listening to the news.

Nobody could believe that Trump was leading over Clinton. 

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