Wednesday, September 13, 2017



Got up at 6AM to make breakfast sandwich for hubby and eggs for dogs.

Hubby went outside to feed the moose. He put out grain & pears.

Hubby tried to take the King Ranch truck to work, but it did not start.

So he took the Grey Dodge to work instead.

I cleaned up.

Started laundry & dishes.

Vacuumed the rugs.

It was cooler today.

Drove to hair appointment in Hayden. Stopped to pick up a drink at Jitterz.

Was at appointment from 1PM to 4:15PM. Had color done. Had Keratin Treatment done.

Left and drove home.

I had salad when I got home. Gave the dogs some turkey meat for a treat.

I fed the moose. Only Momma was out there. Later, a deer came up behind her and ate some of the grain.

Hubby called while I was at Hair appointment and he wanted to attend Union Meeting for a Vote. I told him be home early because we were walking the dogs tonight.

He locked himself out of the truck and had to break in. He broke the window in the back to get into the truck.

I was angry that he got home late, that he lied about the time he was leaving the Union Meeting, and angry that he locked the door on the truck.

He finally got home at 6:30, had to vacuum out the back of the truck with all the glass inside it.

Took the dogs for a late night walk in Farragut Park.

We stopped at Lil Town on the way home for milk. Hubby bought lottery tickets.

Drove home, unloaded dogs. Moose were gone.

Watched Father Brown. 

Went to bed at 10PM.

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