Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Return from Funeral


Only got about 4 hours sleep. We were up at 4AM to go to the Airport. Dogs were upset that we were leaving.

Hubby's Latte From Starbucks

Hubby Searching thru Luggage at Spokane Airport

 First plane from Spokane to Minneapolis was full. I had upgraded us so we had lots of leg room and space on either side. I sat next to the window. Hubby had a neck ache from looking to the right at me. He decided that he wanted bloody mary's on this trip so he ordered one on the plane.

We deplaned at Minneapolis and ran about 2 mile across to get to our next gate. As soon as we got there, KRN came out of the bathroom with a black woman filming us. She surprised us by scheduling her flight at the same time as ours!

Hubby took KRN's seat next to the toilet and KRN & I sat together because some guy was nice enough to trade seats with us!

We arrived in Cedar Rapids and Bruce was there to pick us up. We had a long walk thru the Airport to get to the car.

We were all starving and had to stop at Applebee's to get food. The salad was not good and everybody else complained about their food. It was not good and we decided never to go to Applebee's again. Bruce drove us to his house. We walked in and said Hi to Barb. Then we told them that we needed a hotel room.

So we took the car and drove over to Crossroads & got a Fairfield Inn Suites. It was nice because it had a walk-in shower. We were all very tired.




Souffle from Panera Bread

 Magnet for KRN

Got off the plane in Spokane at 10:00. We drove to Barker Road and got burgers for the dogs at Wendy's. Then we drove home.

The dogs were happy to see us. The house was absolutely freezing. Temp was only 30 degrees. I turned on all the heaters. Took a hot bath. Hubby cleaned up the house. Dog food everywhere on the floor. They had pulled out the oil bottle in the cabinet and spilled it everywhere. Floor is oily. Dog bed is soaked in oil.

 Chewed Oil Bottle

 Oil Soaked Dog Bed

Hubby had to watch an Archer re-run. We went to bed at Midnight.


Hubby got up too early this morning because we forgot to set the clocks & alarms back for Daylight Savings Time.

He fed the dogs some eggs. Then came upstairs at 7AM to kiss me goodbye.

I got up at 11:00. I have body aches & pains. Too tired. Think I am sick.

I did laundry & dishes. Lots of loads of laundry. Fed fish. Fed birds.

Slept in bed all day with Lil Bit & Ben. I had constant diarrhea, cold chills, body aches & pains. No fever, tho.

Had several hot baths.

I am tired.

Hubby said he is working 2 hours OT. He got home at 8PM. He fed deer, had dinner.

I went to bed at 9PM, He went to bed at 11PM.

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