Thursday, November 05, 2015

First Snow of Winter


Got up at 5AM to pee. Could not fall back to sleep. Damn Daylight Savings Time change!

Hubby was awake, too. Ben & Lil Bit got up on the bed with us.

Hubby got up to take some parts out of the shop. He came back and kissed me goodbye at 7AM.

Hubby dropped off the checks at the banks. He texted me that he is going over to look at some property.

Jackie called from school to let me know that T said she would take over my 6-9 clinic shift on friday night.

I washed the blankets from the couches. Tried to clean up a little.

It started SNOWING.

 Lil Bit in Snow

Very cold today.

My knee keeps popping out.

Put wrap on it.

Wrap on Knee

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