Sunday, November 08, 2015



Hubby got up early to sit on the couch so that he could breathe better. Bud slept next to him for a while. I finally got up at 8AM.

It was 45 degrees and raining hard outside.

I made eggs & ham for the dogs. Fed them. Fed the fish. Gave hubby some ham & eggs on a muffin.

At 9AM, I ordered pancakes & bacon for breakfast from Country Boy. I ran down to town to get a latte for hubby.

While I was gone, hubby was watching Parks & Rec.

I did laundry and dishes. Put away both.

He finally got to feeling better around Noon.

At 1PM, we got the dogs ready and went down to the park for a walk along Gun Shooting Road. Hubby had to get another drink before we went to the park.

It was lightly raining.

Came back home and watched a pay-per-view movie at 3:30PM - Jurassic World. We fed the deer.

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