Thursday, November 12, 2015



Last night was really cold. Got down to 25 degrees. I actually SLEPT after taking 3 OTC sleeping pills.

Got up and dressed for school. Studied some more for the A&P test.

Left for school at 9:00. Got there at 9:35. Traffic was slow this morning.

Mark was late; Katie D's gma was still in ICU and she did not come in to school. Panda came and took his test early, then left.

We took our tests. Mark & I went down to Sonic to get him an ice cream after his test. He said that it is a tradition that Nick and he get ice cream after tests!

Teacher graded tests. I got 85%. Thought I would do better.

Then we lectured over Chapter 17 Lymphatic System. Watched a couple YouTube videos.

We were done at 12:45.

I went to change clothes into my AICM uniform. Then got Room 4 ready.

Client came in early, so we started. I was very nervous about having Amber in the room observing. It got extremely hot and I was sweating. Wiped my brow with my arm that had cream on it. It was awful. Amber gave me a 100%. Actually complimented me about a few things.

I left after we were done talking.

Drove to Pita Pit and got a pita salad. Then drove over to Wendy's to get dog cheeseburgers and salads for tomorrow.

Drove to Rathdrum (people on Hwy 41 were going 35 mph tonight) where the Alternative School had just gotten out and there were elementary kids EVERYWHERE in the parking lot. Note to self-Don't go to Rathdrum grocery store between 3:30-4:30.

Came home and unloaded groceries. Gave dogs their cheeseburgers.

Hubby called and said that he was leaving work and would be home by 6:30.

Ordered new boots from Express.

Made cheeseburger macaroni hamburger helper for hubby's dinner.

Hubby got home after going to get the Excursion from Charles's shop. He ate dinner and passed out on the couch again. He does not look or feel any better.

Hubby woke up at 10:00 and wanted to watch The Blacklist with me. Then we went to bed.

I did not get much sleep even after taking sleeping pills. Hubby was snoring & coughing all night.

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