Thursday, March 23, 2017

Working On Taxes


I worked on taxes again today.

Hubby came home and we drove up to Sandpoint tonight to get parts. We got latte at Starbucks, got groceries at Super One. I was hungry but Arby's was closed for remodeling. Just drove home and had a peanut butter sandwich.

While we were at Super One, hubby found an Apple cider sampler and purchased it. He was happy.

Moose resting in the yard


I absolutely hate this time of year. Have been doing nothing but working on taxes everyday.

My legs hurt and it is difficult to walk. I have an appointment with the Dr next week. Good thing I am not dying and have to get in sooner!

I scheduled an appointment for Max, Tabby, and Joey Bishop to get neutered.It is out to April! They are getting very busy. The help is absolutely atrocious down there. They need an office manager to tell them not to BREATHE on the phone, how to locate patients, how to talk to people on the phone.
OMG. The hiring of idiots.

The Moose has been visiting everyday at 7:30, but today she did not come. I had left out apples, water, & hay.

UPS Katrina came and dropped off a package for another person for her supervisor to pick up. I am very trustworthy.

Wilson sleeps with Max

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