Saturday, March 04, 2017



Got up extra early today because hubby got out of bed at 5:30. He could not stay in bed as he had to potty, the cats were jumping on us, and Wilson wanted to go outside. We had closed the doggy door last night to keep ZIM from going outside.

We got up and hubby looked for RVs online while I made him a latte & breakfast sandwich.

I gave the dogs some turkey, gave Bud his painkiller.

Hubby had found an RV online at a Rebuildable Auction site. He wanted me to look at it.

Hubby got the cat food ready and went down stairs to feed them & clean up kitty litter while I got dressed.

Hubby got dressed and went outside to start the Dually.

Loaded the dogs into the Dually. Drove to Spirit Lake, got gasoline. Dropped off Harley payment at the post office, picked up lattes at the Espresso stand. Walked the dogs around the Junior High School. We also walked them around a new subdivision. There were lots of high school guys out running track. They ran right by us while we were loading the dogs.

When we got home, hubby loaded his parts into the Dually and headed down to the shop. I washed my hair.

Hubby called me later and told me he was going to the Post Falls shop.

I vacuumed the rugs, did laundry, did dishes. Cleaned up cat litter again.

Put new Spring tablecloth on table & safety-pinned it down so the cats won't pull it off.

I got hubby set up on QuickBooks so that we can keep track of all the Accounting. It should work on his iPhone, too.

Zim & Joey Bishop went outside when I had the doggy door open. They investigated everything. Wilson went outside with them. Bud slept on the deck. The sun was shining.

When hubby got home, I downloaded Quickbooks App on his iPhone.

He wanted to go eat dinner, so we went to Country Boy in Athol.

Dan came over to sit with us while we ate. He talked the entire dinner.

We came home and gave leftovers to dogs.

Hubby got to feeling very bad with his hypoglycemic problem after he ate dessert from the Cafe.

We went to bed after I changed the cat litter.

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