Sunday, March 05, 2017



Woke up feeling awful. Like somebody had beat us up. Went to potty at 5:30AM, came back to bed. Cats crawled on us.

It was snowing outside.

Wilson came up and jumped on bed.

Hubby got up to open the doggy door. Then came back to bed. We slept until 8:30AM.

I got up and started making lattes.

Hubby came down & opened the tuna.

I went downstairs to feed the cats & vacuumed up the litter.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

I shoveled off the front deck. There was about 5 inches of snow out already.

We ate breakfast. Hubby fell asleep on the couch again.

Hubby got dressed after guy texted and wanted to pick up truck at Shop in Post Falls.

We loaded dogs in Dually and drove to Spirit Lake for latte for hubby.

Wilson was whining bad and we had to stop in Twin Lakes. Hubby took him for a walk. Wilson peed a LONG time.

Then we drove to Post Falls. Had to wait for 30 minutes before guy came. Tom & his wife showed up at the shop.

I walked the dogs. Wilson had to pee bad again. Ben accidentally peed on Wilson's back.

Got dogs loaded. Guy finally came & picked up his black truck.

We drove to Starbucks to purchase a latte for me. Then hubby had to get food. We went to Del Taco and ordered food. Drove to KR's to eat food.

KR did not want her RING doorbell, so we gave her $200 in cash and will take the RING doorbell and put it on our house. Paid for a 3 month subscription for Match.Com for KR. She and Amanda are doing it together.

We walked the dogs at the High School, but the weather was bitterly cold and the wind was blowing. Had a discussion about Millenials vs. Generation X. After we were done walking dogs, we dropped KR & Beebo at home.

Then hubby and I drove to Rathdrum. Stopped at Hardware store to pick up dog & cat food, cat litter. I went potty. Had awful diarrhea from bad dinner last night.

We drove home up Hwy 53.

At home, unloaded dogs. Unloaded food & pet food.

Shoveled decks. 

Did Accounting for business with new QuickBooks downloaded.

Watched The Walking Dead.

Went to bed at 11PM.

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