Wednesday, March 29, 2017

LONG Update

MARCH 26 2017
I made Baked Egg Breakfast. Fixed lattes. Hubby sat on the couch and watched his shows for an hour while the Baked Egg was in the oven.

I cleaned up the cat litter. I started laundry.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs and fed them.

Took the dogs for a walk in the park. We walked around the closest campground - Camp Waldron. Mostly snow was gone. Lots of ground squirrels chirping at us. Lots of deer poop to avoid.

We came back home and unloaded dogs.

Hubby picked up a latte at Thomas Hammer, we went to the Jitterz in Post Falls to pick up a latte for me. There was a guy in line that had a Boxer sitting on his lap. We said hello.

Drove to KR's to say hi to her. I was hurting too much to do a walk with her. We hung around and talked with her for about an hour.

Then we drove over to Stateline. Went to shop at the Walmart there.

Hubby was hungry. We ate at Pryor's in Otis Orchards. Then we took the drive around the Spokane River to go into Spokane Valley.

Picked up some tincture and then drove home.

It was raining. 

MARCH 29 2017

Got our computer tower back again last night. Ty repaired it again. Said do not plug in any external hard drives.

Warmed up a burrito for hubby. Made latte for him. Gave him huggies with Ben.

Cleaned up cat litter. Vacuumed the basement.

Cleaned out the vacuum receptacle.

Took Bud to Vet at 9:30AM.

Dr Mike did his yearly routine wellness check. He took Bud into the back and did a Liver Panel test. I took Bud outside and brought my checkbook inside to pay. I remembered that Bud had to get his toenails cut, so I ran outside to get him again and they trimmed his nails.

We drove home.

I did laundry, did dishes.

Took a nap. Woke up cold. Had to turn up the heat. Everything hurt in my body. Took some more tincture.

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